Lead Credit Policy

Lead Credit Return Policy

Facebook Leads
  • With LeadBank facebook leads, we place a pin in the center of the county that you select/lockout. We then use a 45 mile radius to target potential clients.
  • We are glad to replace any lead over 60 miles from the center of your chosen target location
  • We are glad to replace any lead above age 85.
  • We provide you with three points of contact (Phone, address, email) so there are no “bad number” lead credits.
  • All leads state low cost and or affordable final expense or life insurance insurance in the ad copy. 
  • We do not replace any leads during a sale or if the lead is discounted. Once your campaign goes to buy per lead (BPL) then we can replace any lead that falls into our return policy.
Match Leads
  • We are glad to replace any lead above age 85.
  • We will credit you for a lead with a disconnected phone number and false information.
  • We do not refund if you accidentally added a wrong state or area into your backend and received a lead in that area.
  • We do not refund you for leads that you couldn’t or did not sell and if you “do not like” the lead.
  • Clients actually choose you when they fill out a match lead. They see all the information you entered into your profile. We will not refund leads just because you “don’t like” the platform
  • For suspect leads that were not flagged by the system, the Agent must properly disposition the lead within the application. The following dispositions will initiate a quality check investigation:   Bad Number – Disconnected, Bad Number – Wrong Number.   If the investigation concludes the lead was bad, a credit will be issued to the agent account, and an email will be sent.  The Agent must disposition the lead within 48 hours of receipt.   Any leads not dispositioned  within this timeframe will be deemed valid and payable and may not thereafter be disputed, charged back, or returned for any reason.