Lead Platform built
with the agent in mind

LeadBank was built with the agent in mind and generates exclusive, real-time leads. We are the only online lead company that locks out territories for you on a Buy Per Lead model.

Why LeadBank?

Thousands of Agents trust our leads and our lead system. Our team of developers and agents have built a platform that simplifies the agent’s everyday process. Our simple and powerful platform, allows the agent to do what they do best – sell. 

We only allow a certain amount of agents in one area, which means we NEVER have to compromise our quality to push volume. 


Exclusive Leads with No Saturation

  • High-Intent Facebook leads that clearly state the words "life insurance" and "low cost" in the ad copy
  • High-Intent Facebook recruiting leads tailored to your needs
  • Fast Delivery: Most orders are COMPLETE within 24-48 hours
  • Received in REAL - TIME: Recieve leads INSTANTLY into your backend with maps intergration built in
  • Time Frame: Start receiving leads within 24 hours after placing your first order.
  • Target Age: We target an age of 50-85 years of age for Final Expense. A great balance of higher premium and increased close ratio, which means greater ROI for the agent.
  • Life Insurance Info From Prospect: Each Prospect must complete 10 steps to be considered a lead. We also ask their favorite hobby for verification.

When your county is locked, you can ensure that we will not allow other agents in your selected territory. This allows agents to have true exclusivity and allows us to never compromise on quality!

Leads Types

$23 Per Lead

Final Expense – State Wide Leads

$15 Per Lead

$10 Per Lead

$25 Per Lead

How it Works:

LeadBank takes the stress out of buying leads each week. Simply create your lead campaign and once your first order fills, our system will bill you per lead (BPL) as long as you leave your campaign on. You control the flow of your leads for your designated territory. Have enough leads for the week? Simple shut your feed off and when you are ready for more just turn it back on.

FFL Agent Recruiting Leads

Our recruiting leads are targeted nationwide or by state (excluding New York and Alaska). If you would like a nationwide campaign which will result in more leads faster, please email us at hello@leadbankdirect.com and request a nationwide campaign. 

 All available areas are on our website once you register your account, if the county has been "locked out" you will not be able to proceed to check out and there will be a lock symbol on that county or state. Areas are locked out on a first come first serve basis, so lock out your area fast!